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We are all ready to cross the bridge to the other side of the coast, but what to do if get the bridge in parts?

Building a bridge requires good team collaboration, good communication, resource management, but also creativity. Each team will get their own task, but in the end everyone has to come together and put their parts together in order to make the bridge complete. Team members will get different roles, someone will be the project manager, other will be in charge of communicating with other teams, someone in charge for the safety, and the rest of the team will be working on building the bridge.

Arena team building


Slavica Bjelić

+381 63 11 11 373

Miloš Macura

+381 69 1234 234

Aleksandar Banjanac

+381 69 123 04 55



Nehruova 51b, Block 44, Belgrade, Serbia

working hours

mon-fri: 09:00 - 17:00


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